December 31, 2009

Super Junior New Year Wishes!!


Super Junior’s 86-er Eunhyuk & Donghae have expressed their greeting for the new year, the year of the tiger*. They also talked about their wish and determination for the new year.

Eunhyuk said “In 2009, Super Junior has got the Golden disk’s daesang award with , talk about individual, I myself has got the chance to be active in radio & variety shows, I can say that I has spent a grateful year”, thus expressing his thanks to the fans.

He continued with “In 2010 I dont want to be only a singer but also an Eunhyuk who will work more hard to bring laughter to more and more people through and show everybody different images of me”, “As the next year is the year of tiger, I hope everybody can receive the strength from the tiger and will be able to do everything”

Donghae said “I feel very happy that by being active with Super Junior & Super Junior M all over Asia, I have had the chance to meet a lot of fans”, “In 2010 I will work more hard to be able to receive more love from people so please support me and let’s look forward to an active image of Donghae in the year of tiger”

Donghae continued with “I hope everybody can achieve all your goals in next year and hope you will have a happy year”.

In 2009, Super Junior is not also active as singers but also in various shows and has become more and more famous.

* according to Chinese zodiac, 2010 is the year of the tiger and also 1986 (the year Donghae & Eunhyuk were born), that’s why they got this interview

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I still cant forget the moment we were announced to get the Golden disk daesang award yet. Having the most important award at Golden disk with “Sorry sorry” is one of the things I cant forget in year 2009. Although I and the other members had a lot of individual activities but we’re very happy that “Sorry sorry” had gained a lot of popularity. Therefore, Super Junior can get over the complex “Although being famous but dont have representative song”.

It seems that year 2010 will bring only good and happy things. Usually there arent many chance for me to wear Hanbok but today, wearing this Hanbok and greeting ISPlus’ readers, I hope everybody will have a happier year.

As the next year is the year of tiger, Super Junior who receive the strength from the tiger will work more hard. And I hope all the readers will be healthy like the tiger’s strong legs, your business and study will be bright like the eyes and may new year bring you prosperity.

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